Executive Chef Dennis Kuipers

Dennis Kuipers (1970, Delft) started working for The Dylan Amsterdam in February 2006. One of the biggest challenges to Dennis is to make sure that every single guest experiences the evening as a unique and unforgettable one. "Guests who are dining in Vinkeles and give up there spare time deserves that". 

According to Kuipers it is important to preserve the continuity of the profession by motivating young people to invest in themselves and in the future through good education.During his training at the S.V.H. he worked at renowned kitchens for Chefs like Koos van Noort and Jan Hekkelman at the 'Kurhaus' in Scheveningen and Otto Nijenhuis at 'Princess Juliana' in Valkenberg.

After completing his training, Dennis started working at the Intercontinental Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam under the supervision of Robert Kranenborg. Before leaving for Hoorn, where he worked as a sous-chef for Constant Fonk, Dennis was employed for several months at the three-star Michelin restaurant Lucas Carton from Alain Senderens in Paris.

In 1998 Edwin Kats, at that time the Executive Chef of restaurant Vermeer, asked Dennis to join him as his sous-chef. The two proved to be a winning combination.In 2003 Dennis passed his S.V.H. Master Chef test and became a member of the 'Gilde van Nederlandse Meesterkoks' (Guild of Dutch Master Chefs). 

The successful completion of this meant that at that time he was the youngest master chef in the country. The title is the highest award a Dutch Chef can earn. Dennis is still in close contact with S.V.H. to give the title the recognition it deserves.

After 6 years at The Dylan Dennis and his team put the Vinkeles brand on a culinary pillar. Being awarded a Michelin star in 2009, 17 points in Gault Millau and a position in the 'Lekker' Top 35 of Best Restaurants in The Netherlands contributed to the present status of Vinkeles.

With this creative and passionate team, the sky is the limit.
The Dylan Hotel Amtsterdam
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