The Team

From the very start in 2006, Chef Dennis Kuipers and his team have made their own personal mark on restaurant Vinkeles. All of them are driven by the will to bring out the pureness, the strength, the colors and the flavors of the products they work with; to bring to perfection all the elements that constitute a meal.

Curious about the people who make Vinkeles Vinkeles?

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Vinkeles history


The name Vinkeles comes from the Dutch artist Reinier Vinkeles. This famous engraver from Amsterdam lived from 1741 till 1816 and made during his life some impressive etches and drawings.

Vinkeles is housed in the old bakery; which was set up in 1787 by the Regents, who then owned the building. Situated at one of the most beautiful canals of Amsterdam, the Keizersgracht, lays currently the basis for a pleasant and beautiful decorated restaurant.

Vinkeles Team in the Kitchen


In case you are interested to be part of the Vinkeles team, we would love to get in touch with you. Working at Vinkeles means you are part of a team where professionalism, service and craftsmanship are highly valued. Teamspirit is relevant although working independently is important too. Above all: speaking Dutch is mandatory and immunity to stress, flexibility and enthusiasm are key!


Vinkeles Knives

In collaboration with Slijperij J.M. van Rangelrooij supplier of handcrafted, high quality table knives, Restaurant Vinkeles produced  the unique, beautifully designed steak knife Vinkeles. It has a stainless blade in classic Italian ‘bistecca’ shape with Vinkeles engraved on it. The exceptional handle is made of durable, sustainable African wood with fits well with the ambiance of the restaurant.

The knives are available in sets of two, four and six and will be provided in a luxurious gift box.

For more information on rates and how to purchase please contact us at restaurant@vinkeles.com