Impression Valentine's Day Menu

'Chaud Froid'
of smoked salmon, cauliflower and caviar

Cassoulet of lobster
green asparagus, quail egg and chervil oil

with pearl barley, pomelo, French carrot, lime leaves, vinaigrette of smoked bacon

Different preparations of artichoke
with crispy potato, 'beurre noisette' and smoked lemon

Poached poussin
with black truffle, white beans, and its own gravy

Roses and vanilla

Coffee or tea with sweet delicacies


Accompanying Wines
60.00 (including water)

Secure your table for the Valentine's Day dinner on February 14th via Maître Casper Westerveld: or call:
020 530 2010
The Dylan Hotel Amtsterdam
Restaurant Amsterdam Vinkeles | Tel +31 (0)20 530 2010 | Keizersgracht 384 | 1016GB amsterdam |